Past Trips

What Are Volunteers Doing On Each Trip
On each trip volunteers take Educational Resources, crafts, toys, ladies comfort and bathroom items, books for both children and and families, videos, CDS and DVDS for the families, and other requests from previous trips as expressed by those in need.

Volunteers assist in ways that the people request help,and this could be with Counselling,or assisting the children with their learning,(assisting with coaching of all subjects ,or if Pre-school children we can assist with advising across all Developmental areas concerning the parents and their particular child, and enbgaging the children in Educational activities to give the parents a break,and som time out)or it could be with young teenagers needing guidance towards Tertiary Courses available,and how would they access them.Sometimes it is listening as with the isolation and remoteness, some families and children often enjoy having time to chat and enjoy outside conversation.

Cash grants have also been given to those who have had NO funds, and no money for the basics.(in one case one family hadno funds for the burial of their child).Funds were contribute to this.

They will let us know what their needs are,and then on the next trip we will try to fulfill their requests and bring what they need(Physically, Socially, Emotionally, Cognitively, Language and Literature, Morally and Spiritually).

Many of the places have NOT had rain for well over 5 years and in many case are unable to meet their basic obligations with the Centrelink payments,so we assist in whatever way we can.

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Trip 17
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Trip 16
Trip from Cessnock-Bourke-Hungerford-Innamincka-Tibooburra-White Cliffs-Broken Hill-Mudgee-Cessnock.

Trip 15
Darren Fuller and Alaine went to Cobar,Tibooburra,White Cliffs,Cobar,Narromine,and Cessnock. Please contact us for a copy of the Newsletter for this trip.

Trip 14
Volunteers going to the indigenous Conference at Wilcannia,and onto other places in the far Western areas to outreach.

Trip 13
UWG volunteers leaving Cooranbong on 9.9.05 and going to the far west,(Camerons Corner) including Cobar,White Cliffs,and we tried to get to Tibooburra,but the weather wouldn't permit that) and back via Cobar and Narromine. Educational resources being taken,time spent with those needing counselling,and being made aware of other families needing support.

Trip 12
UWG volunteers flew to Orange and met with the Vice- president for an up to date meeting regarding UWG Aerial Ministries.   It was then on to Narromine to confirm the decision to purchase Lot 30 and discuss conditions and requirements. 

Wilcannia was given a load of donations and time was spent visiting indigenous groups.

White Cliffs was also visited to assist disadvantaged families and those in need of counselling and understanding of their problems.   As there was going to be an article in the April issue of the Australian Women's Weekly,  a photographer arrived to take shots for the issue.   This was completed and the trip continued on to Tiboburra where there is a need for all types of assistance. It was then back to White Cliffs, Cobar and on to Cooranbong.

Trip 11
UWG volunteers flew to Wilcannia (via Mudgee and Narromine) for an Effective Indigenous Conference where people attended from all over Australia. Presentations included data on relating to indigenous groups and the awareness of  cultural, educational, spiritual and ethical understanding between non and indigenous cultures.

Some of the ladies were keen to experience flying which we were able to accommodate.It was then on to White Cliffs to catch up with families and those children previously visited.More discussions were held with Narromine Council on the way out and back.

Trip 10
Narromine, Cobar and White Cliffs were visited by UWG volunteers. Discussions were held with Narromine Council regarding UWG Aerial Ministries Inc relocating to Lot 30 at the Skypark.  Officers from the Council advised how advantageous it would be for the Narromine town and regional areas for UWG to be based at Narromine.   Counselling was undertaken with the other locations on the trip.

Trip 9
UWG volunteers delivered donations of Christmas presents to North Ivanhoe, to a station where there is a young couple and four children under 6. Gifts were very warmly received.

Trip 8
UWG volunteers went to Bathurst on a Public Relations visit to advise of UWG Aerial Ministries.

Trip 7
UWG volunteers met to discuss current arrangements of the Board

Trip 6
UWG volunteers flew to; Bankstown- Belarabon – Ivanhoe – Broken Hill – White Cliffs – Cobar – Dubbo – Bankstown. On this trip Christ Sellers and I delivered donations of educational requisites (puzzles, books, toys, manipulative and construction problem solving, resources, soft toys);   ladies comfort items including soap, toothpaste, shampoo and hand creams. In Broken Hill we notified contacts of the existence and availability of UWG Aerial Ministries Inc so networking could be possible.

Trip 5
The trip was to Bankstown – Condobolin – Belarabon Station – White Cliffs – Narromine – Bankstown.

Trip 4
Volunteers flew to Cobar,Birdsville,Alice Springs,Oodnadatta,Lake Eyre,Cobar, ]Condobolin,Narromine,Dubboand back to Bankstown.

Trip 3
Volunteers flew from Brisbane,via Warwick,Moree,Tamworth,to Bankstown.

Trip 2
Volunteers flew to Condobolin and Cowra and Young

Trip 1
When mining commenced in the Mt Tom Price, Parraburdoo, Dampier and other areas of the Pilbara in Western Australia our volunteers were involved and working in these areas right from the outset. Volunteers worked with these families in Educational Services providing Early Childhood services and assisted the families coming from all over Australia and the world to work in these areas. Volunteers have always provided enormous back-up in these areas to assist people to adapt to these locations in mining areas. Women and children in particular have needed much support from volunteers.